ACD Collision Center Specializes in full-service Auto Body Repair

Our services include Collision Repair, Auto Body Repair, Auto Body Paint, Glass Replacement, Auto Body Refinishing, Auto Alignment, for private,  commercial, and fleet services. We'll work with your insurance company so you don't have to. We are a direct repair shop for all major insurance companies. Bring us your car, and we will work with your adjuster. You'll find there's nothing to stress about when you see how easy we make it for you. 

Auto Body Collision, Repair & Paint Services

Collision Repair


Full service collision repair services. We'll bring crunched fenders, twisted frames and dented doors back to life.

Auto Body Repair


Full-service Auto Body Repair in Sacramento. We can repair or replace fenders, frames and pull any dent back to their original condition. 

Auto Body Paint


Auto Body Paint in Sacramento. We'll bring that old paint back to life on your vehicle with a premium paint service you'll love.

Glass Replacement


Auto glass repair & replacement services. Poor driving conditions and accidents can damage your vehicles glass. Our shop only uses parts from reputable brands to ensure that your vehicle is always ready to drive.

Auto Body Refinishing


Auto body refinishing for a premium finish. Most vehicles require a base coat of color and a top coat of clear to protects and seal. Sometimes a third mid-coat is added to the paint which increases materials and time required to produce a top quality finish. 

Auto Alignment


Auto alignment services for collision repair and auto body repair. Our corrective measures are applied to the steering, auto frame, and suspension systems for proper alignment and final adjustments to correct the damage from accidents and collisions.